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  1. I found a bug. When I have a Decklink Intensity Pro installed and use Quicktime Foto-JPEG videos (which I shouldn't), Watchout shows a black screen. Stills and other codecs work fine. When I uninstall the drivers for the Intensity the video works fine again. Had this issue in two different machines. Another very annoying thing is that in the last few days TWO!! dongles for WO 5 stopped working. Didn't touch them, they where just sticking in the back USB-port of the computer. First was while I was programming the show, the second just a few hours ago during the show. Very unpleasant! Could that have to do with overheating? It's quite warm backstage where I sit at the moment.
  2. Hi, I have a project where I play a large 5184x876 pixel Quicktime video on 3 display computers. I have the video in uncompressed Quicktime and MPEG-4 encoded Quicktime. I managed to cut and recode that in 3 pieces to use as a pre-split proxy. I used the quicktime player and the foto-jpeg codec as that was the only codec giving me acceptable picture quality and quite smooth playback. But I am not very happy with that result. I would like to encode that to MPEG-2 HD but I am not sure which programm to use to cut and recode. I have both windows and mac machines avaible Any suggestions would be very helpful.
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