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  1. There was never any question of running anything over wifi, I realize that that is a bad idea. I get that I am not supposed to install VNC, but is there no way I can access the production computer remotely? I don't understand why something so simple and frequently done with other software is not possible to do with Watchout installed. It does not seem like an unreasonable request for a software that is being used more and more in a theatrical context.
  2. My issue is that I would like to be able to make changes to the show remotely, not just run the show. The show is being triggered via midi, so I do not need to actually trigger anything, I just want to be able to change fade times, media, etc... while rehearsals are happening without moving the computer up and down from the booth every day.
  3. Hello, I am doing a theatrical production (using Watchout 4.5.1) where the production computer is in the lighting booth, but we are still teching the show, so I would like remote control of the production computer from the house without having to move the production computer up and down from the lighting booth every day. I know that installing VNC software on Watchout machines is not a good idea, since it interferes with Watchout's built in VNC capabilities, but I am wondering if there is a way I can connect to the production computer as a vnc server from my laptop plugged into the Watchout network. Thank you, Garrett
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