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  1. Hi, Is it possible to send MIDI out of Watchout? I know I can send DMX, serial, or TCP commands, but I need to send either a msc cue or a midi note out to our sound system (Qlab). Thanks! Austin
  2. Am I missing something or is it no longer possible to maximize individual windows? I tend to maximize and minimize the timeline window a lot while programming shows with lots of layers. Austin
  3. Hello, I am having an issue that the geometry correction is not updating to the display machines in real time. If I make changes to the geometry I have to go offline then online again to see any changes. We are running v5.5.1 I have confirmed that we are getting gigabit connection speed over the network but not sure what else could be the culprit. Any Ideas? Thanks, Austin
  4. Thanks for the Lead. Can anyone with specific information of how this can be setup chime in? Thanks, Austin
  5. Hello, I am have been using Watchout for many years but have yet to take advantage of the new Dynamic Image Server functions. I have been asked to integrate a live Instagram feed into a presentation across many LED walls. Would it be possible to use the Dynamic Image Server functions to do this? Any experience or suggestions on how to approach it with this would be appreciated. Best, Austin Switser
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