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  1. It worked! It's my colleague who usually controls the WO-division so I'm completely newbie here! But thanks for the hint on the Image option Happy holidays! /H
  2. Hi WO-people! We're working on a presentation where one part has a BIG logo-sponsor-scroll. The graphic is a PNG with alpha on a star-field background. The problem is that we're getting wrong display in the stage editor and on screen - it's like the alpha channel is not rendered properly. Some specs: The PNG is w1024 x h18060 px (we used to work with 770 x 3860 on earlier versions of the show). I googled on the subject and found out that 'Save for web' in Photoshop has its limits - which is quite fair! No one works with 18060 px on the web ;-) Anyway we did some trial-and-error-tests by saving 'Save as PNG' in Photoshop and one of the tests actually worked - and it was still 18000'ish in height. But some other tests with 5000 px height didn't compute. I can't find the logic here... could there be some limitations between PNG and Watchout 3.4.2 ? We could split the scroll into 5 smaller parts but that would give us more work - and we're on a tight tight deadline here... and Santa's coming to town :-) Thanks!! Cheers /Henriko
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