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  1. Hi guys, Thanks for your replies! I have solved the issue. It turns out that Barco were wrong about the port number required to communicate with the switcher.. The manual describes it as being port 3000, which was confirmed by Barco support. However a port scan revealed that it is in fact port 9876 that you need to use! Also the carriage return was wrong, it needed to be a line feed so instead of $0D I used $0A and it worked!! Thanks for the help guys! Chris
  2. Hi there, I had a quick question, I'm trying to control a Barco PDS-902 switcher with watchout, but struggling to achieve any communication! Barco assure me that the switcher will accept TCP strings in hex format, and the command I'm trying to send is "TAKE", so I've sent this command as $54 $41 $4B $45 $0D But no joy! Any thoughts? I can ping the switcher so comms isn't an issue, I'm sure I must be missing something in the string. Barco tells me the string is correct. Can you shed any light? Many thanks! Chris Ellis Blitz Communications Ltd
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