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Seeking feedback on a new motion-based MIDI controller that incorporates iPhone or iPod touch


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forum.dataton.com appears to have a lot of expert musicians engaging with it so I wanted to ask if I could get some feedback on our music technology project. The device incorporates an iPhone or iPod touch and has a variety of uses, but perhaps the use most relevant to you is wireless motion control of DAW software like Ableton or Traktor. Here is a quick 1 minute demo we did with Ableton:




Clearly, we are trying to mix the best of both worlds with physical touch control (great for precisely timing a trigger) and motion control (great for controlling and combining multiple parameters at the same time). Would something like this be useful to you? Is there another direction you can see this is going in? We would be very grateful if you have any feedback you could provide, and if you want more background info you can also visit www.auug.com Thanks for your time! Alan

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