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Using Watchout with Ovation


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Hi there


Johan Wadstens here. I am the Ovation Product Manager at Merging Technologies.


To ensure correct sync between CUes in Ovation and alternate timelines in WATCHOUT you need to check the following:


- Make sure firewalls are off, or that permissions have correctly been made on both sides.

- make sure you have created an IP device in Ovation settings.

- Use port 3039 to be able to connect and listen t the sync information from the Display machine

- In the device configuration (Players and Controllers section of the settings) make sure that Players area is enabled and escape character is set to "Carriage Return"

- In the controllers section make sure you are enabled and set to "Dataton Sync"

- In the cue you want to sync, make sure in Dataton Sync in the Cue Properties you are set to the correct IP device

- Also make absolutely sure that the name of the cue matches the name of the Alternate Timeline. (including CAPS, etc)

-- a hint for the above is to try to always use short names with no spaces.

- last but not least, try Stopping the Ovation show, then Init and Start it again to re-request the authenticate from WATCHOUT.


With all of the above checked, everything should be working just fine. If you still have any issues, please feel free to contact me, or re-port here and i will do my best to get back to you quickly.


All the best.


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