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Artnet problem


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Hi I'm Patrick

At first i'm sorry for my bad english

I folow all your topics about dmx and artnet and for the moment i don't understand where i can made a mistake and i have no respond about that..


I have a mac(ip with the software madmapper who send by artnet throw a node 8 luminex ( and a gigaswicht luminex. I plug dimmer directly on the output to visualise the dimmer on live. The source of madmapper is a video who swith very quickly lights. In live no problem it's work well. i have only 18 channels

I have the soft of luminex, luminet and i see no problem with the value of the output of the mac, i see 512 channels and a fps of 24. only my 18 channels move the others channels after 18 are at 0


I plug the artnet on the production computer(, i create a dmx media, i put on the timeline and i start the recording

It create a file dmx

i put the the production online the program start normaly but when the lights swith very quickly i doesnt replay exactly the same of the source of madmapper, it create troubleshoot

I use luminet and i see only 18 channels, fps at 0 and value after 19 make anormal value and random value

I put a terminaison plug, no result.

i try many recording it's the same thing


IIf you have an idea it will be marvellous

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