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live projection of photos


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Hi everyone,


we have a show coming, where pictures of a photographer should be projected on a screen instantly.


We use WO 5.5 and I wanted to know if s.o. has made experiences with this kind of requisition.


I thought about using the HDMI output of the camera. Perhaps you have an idea how to realize this or what camera to use.


An other way would be the DIS. But we have not made any experiences with it yet and I don't know how fast this works, as the shot images should be on the screen instantly. 


Thanks for the help!

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Hey Merten. Your best direction is probably to pair the Dynamic Media Server with something like an Eye Fi card. If the server and Eye Fi card share the same wireless network, you can install the Eye Fi software on your media server and have the photos sync to a designated folder. Then, it's all up to how you want to import those photos into watchout. I have used this in the past and it's close to instant  but occasionally there has been a delay between the card and the pc depending on where the card is in proximity to the wireless router.


Hope this helps.

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Hi Merten:


It depends on what you mean by "instantly." 


I believe Canon (and probably Nikon and others) have a program or SDK that allows you to pull images off the card in camera to a computer. You'd then use the DIS to pull that image through to Watchout. The DIS part would happen pretty quickly, depending on the resolution of the image. However, I don't know the lag time to pull the image from the camera. We successfully did this on a big trade show late last year, though I wasn't involved in pulling the images from the camera - only the WO side.


Otherwise, you could send the HDMI output to an input card of a display machine, which would be about as instant as you can get, potentially with only a few frames of lag. However, I believe generally the camera will only show the taken image for a few seconds before defaulting back to a live view, so that might not be acceptable. There may be camera settings however to adjust this.


Hope that helps. Seems mostly dependent on your camera choice.


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