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How to get Lighting Desk using MIDI out to WATCHOUT 5.3.1?

David Organ

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Hi All,
I am running 4 LED Screens and want to sync with an Avolites Titon lighting desk.

I have been able to use a Nano Kontrol2 USB fade opacity and a tween tracks but I am very confused about how to Start & stop using Midi commands or Midi MSC.

The problem I have is understanding how to setup Inputs, Parameters, Tasks & an Expressions.

I have read the 5.2 manual but the Midi information is sparse & in various places so I've gotten very confused.

Can anyone offer some simple advice or supply a Sample Watch file?


I have used V-Control to connect a non WO Laptop to send MSC commands to the Production PC. Whislt thisa is a step forward I am still needing some help here.



PS Sorry for the spelling errors - I was typing on my iPhone

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