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Default Midi Input device


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Hi all,


as we know there is no possibility to configure the default input device on Win7 just like in WinXP.

Afaik, WO always uses the first midi Input device.


Any ideas how to change the order of the midi input devices in Win7? or

changing the Input device in WO? or

(best solution for me) letting WO listening to ALL midi inputs?


My Problem: I need to control WO to control with an Android tablet (touchosc) and a keyboard


btw. any plan osc to implemented in WO?


Thanks in advance!


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Hi yek, thanks for your answer.


I know this thread, but it didn´t answer my questions!


To make clear what I´m looking for:


 - How to change the default midi device in Win7 ? or

 - How to change the midi-input-device-number in WO ? or

 - How to let WO listen to all midi Inputs at the same time (like midi-ox can do, so it is possible) ?




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