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Dropping video input feed


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We're running Watchout 5.5.1, with a Datapath Vision RGB card feeding in content from another computer. With our current showfile, we have a bit of processing - nothing extrordinary, just some keying, contrast tweaking, total of 5-6 layers. If we start the show, and are just showing content from the video input, it's fine, but when we move to anything more involved in the timeline, Watchout drops the video input. I can remote into the display machine and see that the computer is still receiving the feed through the Vision Display window, but Watchout won't display anything from it, even if I move back to a simpler portion of the timeline. The only solution has been to completely reboot the display machine - restarting Watchout doesn't help. 


The current display computer is a "second string" computer - it's a desktop that's being pressed into service after the CPU died on our normal computer. There's plenty of RAM, and we transferred the same cards over, and I've optimized it using the guide. I'm wondering if, because it's just an i7, it's running out of processing, and dropping the feed to maintain playback.


Does anyone have any insight into how to fix this? 

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