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Real-Time LTC Timecode Generator


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Hi all,
I’d like to share my realtime LTC Timecode Generator Application that allows you to create cue lists containing named timecode ranges. It's meant for synchronizing multiple devices.  The main benefit here is you won't have to export and manage timecode files, but rather LTC is generated in real time.
It is built in Touchdesigner so you will need to install that first, but no touchdesigner experience needed as this opens just like a standalone application.  I've only tested it on PC, but Touchdesigner runs well on mac as well so there shouldn't be issues.  All features are available in the free non-commercial license so you can evaluate it.

The repo's readme has a full feature list and instructions on how to use it. 

Keep in mind this is still beta, if you plan on using this in production, please test thoroughly and feel free to shoot me a message and I can assist you in implementing into your workflow.  You can also put issues on the repo so I can track and resolve them.



LTC Timecode Generator.png

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