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Fading in and out of video loops


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Hi All,


I'm new to WATCHOUT (making the transition from Isadora) and use it for theatre. I'm curious what is the best way to fade in and out of a looping video at any point in the loop? The best solution I was able to come up with involves two auxiliary timelines - one with a solid black layer that fades in and out when triggered and one underneath it with the looping video. Is there a more elegant/efficient way than this?




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Hi Charlie - go to Window - Task-. In the task window select the arrow on the right side of the frame and select Add Auxiliary timeline.Double click the timeline you have just created to open it.

 Put the looping video on the timeline. Double click it and in the advanced tab set it to free running and looping.

Place a pause control cue on this timeline efter the start of the video .After the pause cue set an opacity keyframe of 100 and after say a second or so, a second keyframe of 0.

To loop the video run the timeline. It will run to the pause cue and the video will loop until you hit run again when the timeline will run over the opacity tween and the video will fade out.

 Good practice to put a stop cue after the end of the vide to kill the timeline.


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