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WatchMan GetControlCuesInfo


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Hi all.

I'm a just arrived newbie who needs to control a WO show within a Flash EXE.

As I've seen, I can control WO with commands. That's sendiing TCP Sockets to the fist display computer to the port 3039.

I've been playing also with WatchMan, which seems to be an encapsulation of all the commands synthax. Great !!



If I use commands (raw sockets) , I can call all the commands and get them working.

I also tried an undocumented command "unload" and it worked !!

Are there another "hidden" commands?


If I use the WatchMan Api I have other issue:

When I call "GetControlCuesInfo", I get an Error "Display software too old for GetControlCuesInfo"

I'm developing inside a Mac with WatchMan 1.0  and the display watchout is 5.5.1

Is my software out of date?

What I'm doing wrong?

Can I have this info (control cues list) by calling a "raw command" ?



Thanks in advance.


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