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Watchout best practices

Gabriel Avram

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We are a Rental Staging company from Orlando, Fl and we own 8 Watchout 4.3 systems.

After using the system in different configurations for various shows we learn through trial and error some best practices. I would like to get more information from you regarding different limitations of the system by answering to the next questions:

  • What is the resolution that you use the system at usually?
  • What compression do you use for your media? (use have our own graphic department and after several tries we are in between ProRes 422 or PhotoJpg)
  • What was the max resolution that you used the system in a blended configuration and what format was the moving background in?
  • Have you used the system in different locations linked by multiple network switches, or have to be all at the same network level.
  • What was the max number of graphic layers on one display that you used?
  • Is your system using a solid state HDD for the show, is this upgrade preferable to a regular HDD. (is the HDD the bottle neck for this reason)
Our current units have Intel I7-860 processors, Assus DP55KG motherboards and ATI HD4770 videocards with Windows 7 with 4GB of memory. We are planning to upgrade to Watchout 5; any recommendations for components update?

Any other best practices examples are greatly appreciated, thanks

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