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Display port, DVI, Fiber optic, splitters, matrix switchers, extenders, receivers, etc - How to configure a good setup????

Guest Gary

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Hi All,


Got my new CPU for wo5 and it's display cards are 2 x dvi and 4 x display ports. So now I dont have monitors to preview when my console is hidden in a room, the old system uses wo4 with 2 display on the graphic card using the other for monitor ( clone).


So with the new machine I have to use a display port to dvi connector then connect to a splitter 1dvi to 2dvi, and split 1 to the monitor and 2nd split to a dvi matrix switcher and then to a DVI extender running on fiber optic to a DVI receiver to the projector. Is that the only way?? Feels very messy?? Is there another way, have not been updating myself with the latest technology so not sure what is out there for better setup!!




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