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Blending Images of Equal Resolutions, but Different Real World Sizes


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Full disclosure, I've never done any work with edge blending before. Are there any tools in Watchout I could utilize to make it possible to blend images across two displays of equal resolution, but who's real world projected sizes are different? I'm stuck with a set of mismatched projectors, both in terms of how bright the lamps are and the focal lengths of the each lens. I think ideally, I'd like to be able to zoom down each lens to fit the screens as closely as possible, but I'm unsure how to handle the fact that a single pixel will wind up representing different amounts of screen real estate.



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I think this is the sort of situation where the Display settings come into play. When you double-click a display to bring up the settings, you will see an option - checked by default - for 'Width and Height same as display resolution'. Unchecking this allows your display area in Watchout to be different from the resolution of the player & projector.


For example, on a recent project with 5 1920x1080 displays, one of the players was unable to drive the projector at the correct resolution. Rather than try to change the show, I was able to set the 'Display resolution' to 1280x720 but tell Watchout to maintain the 1920x1080 area for the display on the stage, and so images that spanned all 5 displays were aligned as intended.


I realize that you're trying to achieve the opposite - same resolution, different stage size - to me, but I think the same settings will help you: Your Display Resolutions will be the same, but their stage size will differ.

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