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What types of vacuum cleaners are there?

Vacuum cleaners are an essential tool to have for a modern household. From cleaning rugs, carpets, to blowing dust on stairs and cars, they can do it all. However, there is a downside to all types of vacuum cleaners. If you’re curious about what the pros and cons of different types of cleaners are, join us in this article to find out. Hopefully by the end of the article, you will know what's the best vacuum for you.

If you’re overwhelmed by the wide arrays of choices on the market, let us make it easy. There are currently four main types of vacuum cleaners on the market: canister, stick, handheld, and upright. Let’s go through each of them one by one.

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Canister vacuum cleaners

These are cleaners with a separate dust canister. The dust canisters are usually quite big, allowing you to store lots of dust but they might be hard to store.


Canister vacuum cleaners are usually powerful. They are better at cleaning floors, stairs and areas under furniture. If noise level is a concern for you, then canister vacuums are the better choice In addition, they are lightweight, enabling you to move around the house without having to wear out your arms. The cleaning hose is usually detachable from the canister, making it easy for users to clean inside the equipment. This is an essential thing to have because one of the most common problems with vacuum cleaners is that dirt sometimes gets clogged inside the machine, obstructing its function.


As mentioned above, because of its complex design that includes separate parts, canister vacuum cleaners are often hard to store.


Stick vacuum cleaners

This type of vacuum cleaners is lightweight and simple in design. They consisted of a long handle (therefore the name “stick”) with, more often than not, a small dust bag.


The pros of a stick cleaner is that it is super lightweight, eliminating completely the concern of having to drag around a heavy machine. They’re suitable for a quick clean or for a small amount of mess. They are also ergonomic in that users won’t have to bend down to clean. Usually, these types of best vacuum cleaner brands PV5yaqb.gif are reasonably priced.


Because of its simple design and small dust bag, stick vacuum usually cannot carry out heavy-duty tasks such as deep-cleaning or cleaning a large area.

Handheld vacuum cleaners

These are cleaners that can be held with one hand. The design is super light and simple


Handheld vacuums are suitable for hard-to-reach spots like under the bed or behind the couch, or for cleaning cars. They are handy for a quick clean and perform well on bare floor or low-pile carpets.


Due to their small weight, handheld vacuums are limited in suction power. They cannot completely replace heavy-duty cleaners.


Upright vacuum cleaners

These are cleaners with a long handle that allow users to vacuum while standing upright. They are among the most popular models with the highest vacuum cleaner ratings.


Upright vacuum cleaners are affordable yet no less powerful than canister cleaners. They can perform different functions, from cleaning bare floors to low and high pile carpets. Some models are excellent at picking up pet hair and medium-sized crumps. Thanks to their ability to stand on their own, they are also easy to store.


Some models can be hard to swivel, and they can be quite loud.

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Above are our comparisons of the four types of vacuum cleaners on the market. We hope that you’ve got an answer to the question of what is a good vacuum cleaner. If you find this article helpful, please share!

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