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Watchout to control geometry using a fisheye lens


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Im new to the world of Watchout, and maybe this question has been asked before and i couldn't find it.


A challenging installation project, where im required to project on 3 walls and the floor of a small 7x5x3m (WLH) room, with some ambient light, using Panasonic 7k HD projectors.

When trying to use 0.8-1 zoom lenses or even the new extra short 0.38 lens, im facing a problem of positioning projectors (which i need to hide as well), they sometimes overlap, if im to get a descent coverage and brightness out of them.

To solve my problem, im investigating the possibility of using 2 brighter projectors (instead of the 8 smaller ones) , suspended from ceiling next to the wall without projection, and and only the fish eye lens dropping down. so each lens would cover a quarter of a sphere area.


My question here would be, can i play with the watch out geometry to control the fisheye projection into a square room? This is opposite of what the lens is made for, transforming squares into spheres :)


any ideas would help



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