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Need help For our video wall engine setup plan


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Good day we are currently planning on building a new video wall using the software Watchout 6  for our Local TV Station, 

we need help if our setup works properly and if we miss something with our hardware setup.


PC HP WORKSTATION Z840 SPECS:                           

PROCESSOR:       1X         INTEL XEON E5-2667 v3 3.4GHZ (6CORE)

RAM:                     4X         4GB DDR4-2133ECC Registered RAM

GPU:                     1X         AMD FirePro W8100 4 DISPLAYPORT 1.2 

GPU SYNC:           1X         ATI FirePro S400 Synchronization Module

Capture card:        ??         ??

PSU:                      1x         1125W90% Efficient

STORAGE:            2X         Samsung 850 PRO 1TB



1. Will our current hardware setup work properly with watchout 6?

2. What is the best capture card for us?

3. What is the maximum video output of a single video card?

4. Will MST (multi stream transport) hub work with Wtachout 6? 

example videocard output 4 + 4pcs.mst hub 3output = 12 video output.

5. Do we need EDID Managers like TMB DVI Parrot and if YES, do we need to have all videooutput to have each one of it?

6. Is Windows 10 compatible with watchout6?

7. Is it required for us to have the gpu sync even we have one card in one machine?


My apologies there is so many question we really need a wall that is both reliable and cost effective ^_^

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