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Warping / blending with six projectors


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we are preparing 180 degree panoramatic projection with 6 projectors. The result should be one big screen.

Circular room with diameter of 7m, the projected image should be on the half of the space, 4m heigh.  

Sony FHZ-55 or FHZ-60, objectives with 0,85 - 1,0:1 trow ratio.

Watchout production 6 computer
Watchpoint computer with 4 outputs
One watchpax or second watchpoint computer.

We need to have projectors quite heigh, so the lower projectors are tilt around 24,5 degree.
Therefor there will have to be quite heavy warping together with the blend.
How warp and blend work together? Is the output of projector warped first and than blended?









Do you think this setup will work ok? Do you see any flaws in it?

Is it ok to use one watchmax grade computer together with one watchpax for the blended picture from 6 projectors or is it better/necessary to have 2 wathchmax grade computers?

Thank you for answers

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