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Full screen went out black

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i just encounterd a problem at a show. i was doing 75x15 feet screen using 4 full HD projectors, at a time i had to play a 1920x1080 file in 2 PIPs with a static BG. file was mpeg2 with saperate audio in .wav format. i was extracting audio from slave machine. using only 1 slave for 4 projectors. 

we did complete day rehersal and video played smooth.

another day when i played video, after around 30 sec of playback, complete Watchout screen turn blackout. audio stopped, but file was playing in production machine. 

i stopped timeline, updated(ctrl D) and played timeline again.. didnt work.

again update and played timeline.. this time it worked well and no more screw ups.

now i want to know if slave machine got hanged, then video should be paused at some frame and should not go blackout.

why this happenend, any idea.

i was using version 6.

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