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quetion from training video


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now we are trying to make 3D mapping on the creative LED display.

and i came out a quetion about resolution while checking the training video [3D TEXTURE USING VIRTUAL DISPLAY].

maybe it`s quite easy thing but i`m not familler with 3D apprication such as Cinema4D or somethig.

that`s whyi think i had a quetion like that.


in the video there was a file which is 3D model named Car.3ds 359:291pix.and after that he put the file which is named CarMesh.tif 1024:1024 on it.

my quetion is how come it`d fix automatic. it`s doesn`t matter resolution?

becuase i thought Car.3ds file is smaller than CarMesh.


i made 3D model by SKETCH UP to place it on WATCH OUT 6.and after that i put a movie file on it.

3D model`s resolution is about 1000:280.and the movie file was 640:480.of course it put on it automatic but it looked like bad quality.

is there any point which is relatied to resolurtion or something on 3D model?

or we need to care about something when we export from 3D application?



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Hi yoshimura.


i had same question. haha


if you want mapping on 3d model with large mapping file, you will setting UV mapping by SKETCHUP.


just simple. choose your model and apply material by bucket tools.


then use texture image in edit tab.


if you mapping some size image via this method

i will see same result in WO6.

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