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Watchout 5 Jumps back a few frames when fire a pause


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Good Day All,


I have a problem when setting up a DMX Controlled Show:


I setup an Auxiliary Timeline whitch triggers with a DMX Value which also controlls the opacity of the Video.

The Video has to be paused, on speak Cues. So i've made an Auxiliary Timeline which sets a pause to "Named Timeline", and an other with resumes the timeline.


A the start i had problems that the pause/resume timeline not worked everytime, so i created multiple commands in the timeline, so one would surely trigger. 

Now the funktion aspect works, but when i send the DMX value to pause the video, the video pauses and jumps a couple frames back.


Any Ideas how to Fix this problem?

Thanks in advance.

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Here's a shot at the cause -


The video is compressed with ipb frames, and at the pause command, it jumps to an i frame which contains the full information. The p and b frames are the predictive frames (if I'm not wrong, p is before an i frame, and b is after the i frame both of which do not contain full info but only the changes between two i frames).


Solution: re-code with all i frames. Will result in larger filesize, but no jumps on pause.

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