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Blue video in GUI/Output, WO 6.0.2 HapQ


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Hi guys,


Recently received some media from a client, as per our spec'. Loaded it up onto production machine and getting solid blue in the GUI in the place of the video. Pushed the media across to our severs and the same on the output?


Watchout 6.0.2 .mov files, HapQ, 44.1khz little endian audio. some at 50 some at 25 fps.


Have a work around which is also quite bizarre, re encoded on display machine and this the same, re encoded on Macbook (with same settings) and now it plays.

Any idea as to what is causing this will be appreciated!





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Is the video presplit? There has been some issues with presplit HapQ videos in 6.0.x, but these issues have been resolved in Watchout 6.1. Which encoders have you been using? One of the most popular encoders was recently released in version 9, which is not compatible with Watchout 6.0.x, but this has also been resolved in Watchout 6.1.



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