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New versions of WATCHOUT 6.1.2 and WATCHNET 1.3 are released. The documentation for WATCHOUT will be updated after the summer while the documentation for WATCHNET will be updated during the summer. We are also planning to produce a new series of video tutorials demonstrating some of the new features in the fall.


Release notes for WATCHOUT 6.1.2

This version contains a number of bug fixes, most importantly in the multi channel audio department. 

  • Channel assignment of multi channel audio now works properly. 
  • Corrupt frames in HAP video files no longer causes the software to crash. 
  • Specifying an absolute path to an autostart script file, starting with a drive letter, as a parameter to the display software now works properly. 
  • Using a control cue to jump-and-pause to time 0 of an inactive auxilliary timeline no works properly.


Release notes for WATCHNET 1.3

This version contains new features, as well as enhancements to existing functionality and bug fixes.


New Features

  • It is now possible to configure external devices communicating via TCP and UDP.
  • A script action has been added which sends commands to individual external devices or whole groups of devices.
  • WATCHNET Scripts can now call other Scripts.
  • Navigation between Panels, Sections, and Pages, in existing panels is now possible through Script Actions.

  • WATCHNET can now automatically connect to a configured WATCHOUT cluster on start up. The option is located in the cluster properties window of the subsystem section.
  • The WATCHNET main menu now contains a shortcut to the start page.
  • Script parameters now apply per-action instead of per-script.
  • The properties windows for creation of new Panels, Sections, Pages, Script Groups, and Scripts, now give a name suggestion.
  • Script actions, and entire Scripts, may now be duplicated along with their parameters with the click of a button.
  • License handling for WATCHNET has been enhanced, the server no longer shuts down after a period of time but rather stops accepting incoming communication until a license is inserted.
  • It is now possible to hide the video-controls for video objects in a WATCHNET panel. This implies that the video auto-plays.
Bug fixes

  • Interaction with panels items stopped working on non-touch devices if the mouse was moved slightly outside of panel item borders. This has now been fixed.
  • Version timestamps of presentations saved on the WATCHNET server now correctly displays version time.
  • Manully taking a cluster offline through the cluster properties page now disconnects from the entire cluster.

Let us know if you have any questions and please share any feedback.


Best Regards,



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