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The pixels of the letters that appear on LIVE VIDEO of WATCHOUT Display are minutely broken.


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VisionRGB-E2S card is being used. 

The image that comes into vision and the image that comes into LIVE VIDEO of WATCHOUT_Display are different. 

The pixels of the letters that appear on LIVE VIDEO of WATCHOUT_Display are minutely broken.

and With 1080p60 capture format the colour quality of the input gets diminished - the colours diverge, there are pixel-size off-colour spots and the overall perceived image quality down. 

The image that appears on VISION View is clean. 

Is there any issue with the setting? 


Watchout Display Spec


-Watchout 6.1.1


-VisionInstall_v7131 or VisionInstall_v7120 





-Radeon R9 390 SOC D5 8GB G1

-Windows7 Professional




Watchout Setting


- Signal input: HDMI

- Video Standard: other or 1080P 60

- Deinterlacing: NONE

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Hi, we have also spotted this and are investigating why it happens. It might be a bug in DataPath's DirectShow filters since the same problem occurs in other applications too. Vision View is not using DirectShow and communicates directly with the hardware.


Best Regards,



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