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How to build compact mini server with amd FirePro w7100

Ricky d

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Need suggestions from experts I am using 19" 4 u rack server


But now I am looking for build new compact server which I can use easily alone while traveling


Now question is

1 which cabinet I can use that can fit amd FirePro w7100 graphic card

2 mother board ? How about Asrock X99E-ITX


Please let me know is it worth or I should stick to rack cabinet only

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Not easy questions to answer.


First the W7100 requires about 120mm height clearance (includes the motherboard), and 280mm depth (includes the power which plugs in from the rear). The height clearance required will fit into a 3U chassis. And a 19" rack-mounted chassis will probably need housing in an equipment flight-case...adding weight and protection.


A mini-ITX case, suitable for traveling, would be the Lian Li PC-TU100 which has a carry handle as part of the case. For a larger one, the Lian Li PC-TU300 can house ATX and mATX motherboards as well, should you need to add a capture card or other PCIe cards to your build later. You could also add the optional trolley wheels to make the TU300 more portable.


A mini-ITX motherboard will not allow PCIe additions later and you may have a hard time finding one to fit a W7100's depth requirement and yet be convenient for traveling...unless you are willing to use a W5100 or W4300 or W4100, the latter two being low-profile, lower powered cards that will allow you to use low profile cases and a small power supply like the SFX range from Corsair, Silverstone or Thermaltake (reviews tend to point towards the Corsair).


With low profile cases, cpu cooling and height clearance becomes important for the cpu used. Noctua offers a reasonably good range of choices.


Thomas Leong

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Q: So w5100 card is good with Watchout 6 and will it give high performance for bigger show


I have not tried the W5100 but I do have the W4100 and have been using it for over a year troublefree (before the W4300 was announced). For sure the W5100 cannot match the W7100 in specs and capabilities plus the fact that it will not work with the AMD S400 sync card. However, for most shows, even up to 4K videos, it should be fine given the requirement that one needs to house it in a smaller chassis. Driver is the same as the W7100 so stability is not an issue.


Additionally, the PCIe 3.0 power capability is 75W from the slot itself and the max power consumption of the W5100 is <75W (vs the W7100 at <150W) so without being able to see the unit from other angles, I dare say that the W5100 is like my W4100 in that it does not need an external power source and is able to draw its power from the PCIe 3.0 slot itself...therefore would fit comfortably into most cases, height- and length-wise.


Q: And also this itx motherboard support Datapath visionrgb e2s , blackmagic mini recorder and graphic card as well.


No, an itx motherboard will not accept both graphics card AND a capture card. There is only ONE available PCIe 3.0 and this is usually taken up by the graphics card for Watchout use. The size of the itx board will not permit additional PCIe slots for other cards.

Having said that, a special proprietary itx-type board like that from Shuttle PC may have 2 slots but check to ensure the second slot is a PCIe and not the older PCI slot. (Space in the Shuttle PC case is always at a premium...so check also that the capture card intended will fit, and probably more important is that the psu will provide sufficient power to the capture card. In use, the capture card draws a lot more power than when no input is present). With a Shuttle PC, they also sell a carry bag for travelling...I know they do as I have owned 4 Shuttle PCs. However, be warned that from my experience, because the mobo is proprietary, you are tied to Shuttle PC for a replacement motherboard and probably power supply...and I (and others) have not found a way to replace the Shuttle motherboards that have died after a few years of use.


Thomas Leong

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An option for capture with a mini-ITX board is USB-SDI or USB-HDMI capture from Magewell. One report (from Mertens, forum member) is that the SDI version works well with Watchout without problems -



I have a Magewell low-profile XI102XE-HD (since discontinued) in my low-profile el cheapo case. Quality is excellent (clear and sharp) and it has had no problems with Watchout. Only thing is that it outputs a non-selectable RGB colour image when there is no input. There is no black option like Datapath except to set the MIDI-fader to zero.



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