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Second Instance of Watchpoint Launches in Background

Steve Farris

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I am working with a client's computers that I have tweaked according to the Windows 7 tweak list.  I am running version 6.1.1 and I am seeing a peculiar problem.  I have seen it in the past with version 5, but this is much more consistent.


Once I start Watchpoint on the displays, there will be a period of time pass and then the displays start a second instance (usually around 4-5 minutes).  The second instance is always after I have taken the displays online.  What happens is a new "splash screen" appears and the displays are no longer responsive.  If I go to the displays and terminate the foreground window (alt-F4), there will be a second window minimized on the task bar.  I can bring that full screen and it still has my program running.  The second instance will tell me that the license key was not found (since it is dedicated to the first instance).


The second instance seems to start at some point after I go online (i.e. if I don't go online, it won't launch).  This happens whether I launch Watchpoint manually on the display, or use the startup folder (I have tried putting a delay using the -delay parameter with no difference in behavior).


It seems like Watchdog is being overly aggressive.  Is there anything I'm missing to try and avoid this?

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