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Watchout5 Stage computer rebooting every now and then


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I have recently start to use the Watchout stages in the office again.

The system have been out of service for some time. (The servers and network-supplier is changed.)


However i started the system up again,

I put the production computer and the stage computer with a crossed patch-line on and


Start up the show and everything works fine.


Suddenly the Stage computer shuts down and reboot ( slideshow disappear, black screen with Watchout logo, and then reboot procedure.)


What could be the case here?

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Sudden reboots generally point to power problems.

- Check your power connections from back of PC to source power point. Ensure they are secure. Loose connections will cause reboots.

- check psu connections to the motherboard.

- Try another psu in the Display PC, preferably one with more power (watts)


I think network issues could also cause sudden reboots, so -

- check with a straight ethernet cable (network adapters in the last 5 years or so are auto-sensing, i.e. do not need a cross cable)

- check Power Management properties of the network adapter and untick 'Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power'


Also run through the tweaking recommendations for Watchout :



Good luck!

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