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Watchout & AMD Ryzen


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Hello All,


I was wandering if anyone has had a chance to run Watchout on a Ryzen CPU whether it be production or display. Are there any plans to support this on the roadmap?  It seems to me that its multiple cores would be an advantage for video decompression. Thanks in advance. 



Kind Regards



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I have not...yet. Am still considering as the Ryzen is very new and has limits till AMD develops its firmware/BIOS to improve it, if they decide to.


Ryzen is apparently limited to not clocking more than 4.0-4.1GHz, and it apparently cuts out the cpu as a safety feature when the limit is reached thereabouts. Dangerous for us for the cpu to cut off mid-way through a presentation moment that requires more cpu usage. So recommendation is not to over-clock to its limit. All the Ryzen variants are also limited to max 2400MHz RAM.


One of Ryzen's good points is that the first PCIe3.0 x16 slot is locked to 16 lanes (some mobo manufacturers may split it to 8/8 if the second PCIe x16 slot is also occupied - eg by a capture card - but not many manufacturers do). Likewise any 32Gb/s M.2 NVME x4 slot. So at least, with most mobos, one is assured the graphics card and M.2 will run at its full potential. With the M.2 slot, just be aware that some mobo manufacurers may have it share lanes with other PCIe slots. Study the specs/manual before buying!!


For a detailed, IMO, very good analysis of Ryzen (and any mobo for that matter) I like http://www.hardwarecanucks.com.


Thomas Leong

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