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[Question] Projecting Realtime interactive movie(Game.exe) Using Watchout


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Hi i'm new here it's nice to see you all!


and i have some newbie question :) 


Our client wants to make some kind of interactive movie
Plans are as follows.

1. We will play the video using an executable file.(game.exe)

2. This movie will running on 5760x1080 fullscreen size and interact with the audience in real time.
2. We will project seamlessly on three walls using three HD projectors.
3. But the problem is that our hardware vendor does not have a multi display matching solution other than 'watchout'


and here's my questions

Q1. Is there a way to show real-time Interactive Movie(like Game play) using Watchout?
Q2. How many computers are needed for this, and how much latency will be introduced?


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An idea would be to project to the 3 screens and blend with Watchout.

The Watchout Display server must be fitted with a capture card that has low latency, eg. Datapath range, and capable of capturing the resolution the game.exe is outputting, or at best as high a resolution as possible and scaled to fit 5760x1080? (probably a 4K capture card scaled to fit 5760x1080). This would take care of Q1 - realtime capture of the interactive movie.


One computer is required during playback - the Display Server.

But prior to this, the Production PC is required to set up and test all these out. Thereafter, the Production PC can be disconnected, and only the Display Server re-booted straight into Watchpoint, the Watchout Display Server software with the capture activated.

Latency with Datapath capture cards are about 4 frames. But not sure about the framerate. Think at best it would be 60fps.


Thomas Leong

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