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Watchout 6.1.6 glitches


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Hi everyone,


I just had two errors in a Watchout show with version 6.1.6 and wonder if anyone has seem similar errors.

1. I had one display with non working opacity tween. Instead of the normal opacity behavior, which makes the object transparent, the opacity tween made the objects darker until nearly fully black and when they reached black they suddenly became transparent. After a restart of the display computer everything was normal again. So a restart fixed that issue.

2. I have one movie object (mp4, h.264, aac) which sometimes is not rendered on one display computer. It renders fine on the second display computer and most of the times also on the first one. But not all of the times. Both display computers have same hardware and same software image (Win 8.1 Pro).



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Guest DavidA

Hi Dorian!

​Sorry to hear you have had issues with WATCHOUT.


1) - have it ever re-occurred after you did a restart of the system?


2) - we would like to investigate this issue. Please email the file or a link to it to support@dataton.com, with details on your HW & SW setup and - preferably - the WATCHOUT show file. This will allow us to properly look into the issue.


Best regards,


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