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Watchout 6 crashing with new computer


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I'm a new user and I'm currently programming a show that goes next weekend. We just bought a new production laptop and after importing about 7 videos it crashes repeatedly when trying to edit. I have a mask on the top layer with videos under it. We're running WO 6 on Windows 10, the computer has 32 gigs of RAM and it has an Nvidia Geforce GTX 1050. Any suggests would be greatly appreciated. 


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First things first:

Select wireframe preview, try


Still crashing?

First possible culprit is the medias, Watchout can deal with a great variety of format, just not all at the same time, general rules of thumb:

-HD = HAP or .m2v (mpeg2 video stream, no audio) or .m4v (mpeg4 video stream, no audio)

-Non-Standard resolution under HD = HAP or .m4v

-Non-Standard resolution above HD = HAP

-Transparency = Hap_Alpha

-Images = png

-images transparency = png 32bit

-audio should be .wav


-HAP, each side must be divisible by 4

-.m2v, each side must be divisible by 16

-.m4v, each side must be divisible by 2

(Watchout will still try to play back the file if it doesn't respect those divisible but problems will arise)


-Separate audio and video, they should play back from 2 tracks


Still crashing?

Depending on the medias you might tax some part of your computer, storage is usually the main culprit, you are playing back from HD or SSD? 

You are entering computer specific issues, in the manual there is a whole section on how to configure Windows for Watchout, go trough and do. Do not use Watchout like you would use Word for example, it doesn't play well with software loaded and feature enabled computers, the simpler the system the better.

Go on the forum posts about win10, I think there is a sticky about it, read and do.


Start with that and come back

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