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Best gpu configuration


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Hello, i'm new in the forum, and I have a question. We are upgrading two workstations as display computers. The new configurations will be:
CPU: i9 7900x(10 core 3.3 Ghz- 4.3 Ghz turbo)
RAM: 64 GB DDR4 2800 Ghz
Storage S.0: Intel 750 400 Gb PCI express 4x v3 (rd 2,200MB/s,wr 900MB/s)
Storage watchout e media: nvme samsung 960 pro 1tb (rd 3.500 MB/sec, wr 2.100 MB/sec)

The questions are for gpu(s)
1) n°2 radeon pro xw7100 

2) n°1 nvdia quadro p5000 
3) n°2 nvdia quadro p5000
How many 4k streams layers we can manage with the three GPU solutions and the maximum bitrate?

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