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Watchout 6.2 Mask/Edge Blend Issues


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I was prepping a show using Watchout 6.2 yesterday and ran into an error when testing the system where pixels that should be masked or edge-blended are being rendered as black pixels.


The issue first presented itself when I was testing the outputs and had two 1920x1080 outputs stacked on top of each other in the Stage Window. This led to the outputs (identical Samsung TVs) rendering 20 or so vertical lines of pixels on the left correctly, and the rest as black. When I moved the outputs so they were overlapping, but not perfectly stacked, the overlapping pixels were rendered as black, and the rest were rendered correctly. I turned off the global edge blending on one output and was able to see all pixels rendered correctly. I then added a gradient mask to that display, and those pixels affected by the mask all rendered as black.

I know it's a different engine, but I feel that it's worth noting that the Opacity tween works as expected.


Does this sound like an issue any of you have run into before?



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Putting each display on different tiers allows all pixels to be rendered, yes, but the show I'm working on needs edge blending capabilities. Currently, in 6.2, anything that should be blended is just black.


Since we've rolled back and solved the issue, I won't be able to troubleshoot the issue anymore, so I guess think of this thread now as a bug report than a request for assistance? I'm happy to clarify the issue further if anyone needs.



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Hi, this issue is related to a bug in some rare cases when using multi-sampling anti-aliasing. This is solved in 6.2.1 which will be out soon. A workaround is to turn on and off the AA-settings in WATCHOUT 6.2. Sorry for any inconvenience.  

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