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Controlling Panasonic Projectors through Moxa 5110


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I'm trying to set up Moxa boxes to control Panasonic projectors via serial commands, does anyone have any insight on what the actual strings need to be?


We've been trying this one: $02OSH:1$03 to open the shutters.


We're have an output set up with the right IP, the default port (4001), and the Moxa Box is set to TCP Server mode.


If the string is correct is there something else we're missing in settings?




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Which Model Panasonic? 


Could be any number of things... wiring to/from moxa/projector; baud rate/parity settings; etc.


Most panasonics can be controlled via IP, as well...


Panasonic's website has very useful guides, but different projector series have different APIs - make sure you grab the right one.

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