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Loading show with 3d object makes display computer server freeze


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I’m trying to map to a 3D stage design. I import the geometry and it seems to be ok,  looks fine on the production computer. But when I go to load the show, the transfer process hangs and I have to kill Watchout on the display computer. It looks like is actually launching a second instance of Watchout for some reason.

I’ve tried exporting the geometry a few different ways (from Sketchup) and the same thing happens whether it’s an obj or 3ds file.

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Just guessing, but is your 3D object a very complex model? I've experienced Watchout production becoming unresponsive in the past when I imported a 3D object with a very high vertex count. It's just possible that in your case, the production machine managed to import the model, but the display machines are struggling and appear unresponsive. The Watchdog  process running on the display machines may have launched a second instance of Watchpoint, if it appeared that the first instance has crashed.

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