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LED screen replace projectors


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Recently I got more and more requests, for LED screen replace the proejctors.

also getting involve more with WATCHOUT control LED screen. as I Checked the WATCHOUT

agent in different countries, some of them have baught High definition LED screen from us.

seems that they start to replace the projector with LED screen


Do you guys have any experience of using wathcout control LED screen ? It would be great share with us.


as now LED screen quality is getting better,and price is getting down.

Do you guys think, that one day the projectors will be totally replaced by LED screen ?


Best regards


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Hi Dannel-I have used led screens many times with content driven from Watchout.I also use them in combination with projection.It's no different from any other display. Particularly effective in awards shows but I have also used them in conference environments too.And if you are using a very large screen then no need for projector alignment.Personally I love using them. If you get a screen with enough pixels per panel they are hard to beat.

Neil Stratton

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