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Using Rotary Encoder As WATCHOUT Timeline Control

Eddy  Yanto

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Currently working on a physical design with rotary encoder as an input interface to an interactive app. Incremental encoder is quite common in our daily life — we can find it in the knob of a sound system or a fan speed control.

Some other use cases include:

  • Timeline control with linear duration that can either go backward and forward.
  • Range value control eg: volume or menu selection.
  • Angular position/degree trigger mechanism.

In this experiment, I am using a rotary encoder with a 3D printed wheel interface as a control for WATCHOUT linear timeline. Turning the wheel clockwise makes the timeline go forward, likewise turning the wheel counter clockwise makes the timeline go backward.

This incremental rotary encoder is connected to an Arduino Ethernet controller and controller will calculate the rotation and translate it into milliseconds as required by the gotoTime function. Each full rotation (CW/CCW) is set to 30 seconds and can be adjusted accordingly.

Eddy Yanto

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