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Watchnet questions


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I'm currently working on a Watchout installation at the Paris airshow. In addition to the production and player machines, I have a Watchnet 1.4 server running and a SurfacePro that the client can use to cue various clips on demand. So far the Watchnet setup is working well, but I have a few questions...

Occasionally, before or after the show opens, I need to make changes in the control booth and so I put the show in Standby (triggered by Production, not Watchnet). Is there a way to show the standby status in a Watchnet panel, so that the user outside on the floor can understand why the buttons are unresponsive? I wondered about creating a 'standby' panel and forcing the Watchnet UI to navigate to a holding page, but that would require somehow triggering a 'navigate' command on the remote UI. I can just switch the screen off, of course, but a blank screen tends to worry the client, plus it means a lot of walking back and forth!

Is it possible to trigger Watchnet commands from Production? Now I have all my scripts set up in the Watchnet server, It would sometimes be handy to be able to trigger them when I need to launch a specific task from production, without recreating the same events in my Tasks.

Is there a way to temporarily disable buttons via a script? Once certain tasks are running, I'd like to disable the other buttons until the current task is finished to avoid lots of videos being launched at the same time.

And finally, just a detail, is there a way to add a newline to button text? I was trying to add the clip duration under the title, but my attempts at adding '\n' and '<br/>' didn't get me anywhere, and extra spaces seem to get stripped out.

Thanks for any help and suggestions!

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