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Timeline positions and scale


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Hello, I'm coming back to watchout after several years off and I feel like I've forgotten a trick about the playhead on the timeline. 

When I create a new file, I can easily bring my playhead to what are essentially snapped positions-- as I drag it, the time increases/decreases by a consistant .025 sec. As soon as I change the timeline scale, either via the zoom buttons or the hotkeys, the playhead will go to a position that is precise down to .001 sec. and the increase/decrease by .001 as I move the playhead. This makes it a bit trickier to put an element or tween point on specific time placements. It will remain that way even if you zoom back out to the original scale.  Is there a way to zoom/scale the timeline while keeping a kind of snap at .025 sec?

Thanks in advance for the help!

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