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Chef provisioning of Windows 10 Watchout Server with RAID Hardware

Ken Toghia

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The systems we have purchased for a new project have Highpoint NVMe Raid hardware and several SSD's we need to configure via Chef, or at the very least Powershell.  The CLI for highpoint that we have been able to find only supports Linux.  We need help to figure out how to automate the creation of (2) Raid 1 arrays on the box.  We have 5 drives but are using the first SSD for OS.  We also require a way to have the card alert us when there is a failure.  Thank you for your assistance


FYI The cards are from http://www.highpoint-tech.cn/ and we are able to configure them manually but we have many Watchout servers to configure for this project.


Ken Toghia


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