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What are your most recent pc recommendations?


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Hello dudes,


This is my first time posting, even though I've been following for a long time. I knew maybe that one is cliche question. however after years later I decided to spend cash arrange customized pc.

There might be very things change advice however if you share me "at least / at most" advice that will be very helpfull within tips



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I have decided to take the advice of starting from scratch. I will rebuild the computer, testing all hardware along the way, and then add the DAW and each VI one at a time (I realize that this would of helped all along, but, as noted, I'm so eager to get back to music recording that I may have rushed things!).

With regards to hiring a pro computer tech...I had done that! I was charged over $800 to help with the build when I couldn't get it booted (twice returning the MB, purchasing a new CPU and not needing it, being told it could be "this" or "that, or "that/this"). I had a guy here for three hours to help with the transfer of the old computer disks/data to the new one. They were great guys, tried their best, but I suspect that they never had a build specific like mine, or perhaps didn't have the skillset needed, or perhaps it is just the nature of technology. Not blaming them, but I am frustrated. Needless to say, I don't want to dump any more money into this thing. I'll try to do things as best I can with the help of people such as yourselves (and other research/learning). My thinking is that the recommendations made by this community are spot on! Greatly appreciate it! Thank you!!!

I'll update this forum as I go along so that maybe others will gain form this experience in the future. I know from reading about other's experiences with their builds that my problems/issues are common, even expectable; perhaps these posts will be helpful. I'm certainly learning a lot :)


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