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Projector serial control


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Hi i'm Mattia

i'm trying to control the ignition of the projectors lamps ( sanyo 15k) from the display pc ( a Dataton watchout mediaserver).

I'm using a usb to serial adaptators from the display to the projectors.

i have some question:

1 when i put the adaptators on the media server the installation of the driver fail while when i put it on the producer ( an asus notebook) the driver is installed automatically without the need to install it from a cd.

Can be the custom setup that there is on the server that block the installation?

2 in the device menager of the media server i can see a voice Communication Port (COM 1) tough there isn't a phisical port on the server, is that a virtual com used for the transfer of the serial data over a tcp ip connection?

That port is named as number one, i have read that watchout use the com port 1 to send serial, but if there isn't the port i can change the number of the port when i will istall the drivers of the adaptators?.

3 i need to do an installation that works for three months every day without assistance.

My idea is to use a timer for power up the installation at a certain time

The server load the show that have the command for turn on and turn off the projectors lamps.

My only problem is the power off of the server.


Anyone have try the "power off" software ( it's a free utility that allows you to schedule shutdown of a pc) on a Dataton Watchout mediaserver?

can be problem of compatibility?


Or there is the possibility to shut down the server with the watchout sistem menager using another pc?

thanks in advance

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