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Watchout 7 - First Impressions

Kye Lewis

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Checked out WO7 across the weekend (with the caveat that I don't have a WO7-activated dongle to check out the stability or performance of display).

I'm happy to see the base of the producer looks so solid- as a developer it's nice to see a modern rust/tauri-backed app.

The UI was super familiar and very easy to get up and running with given knowledge of WO6.

The new HTTP/JSON-based external control API seems simple to get up and running with but probably contains the basics that would be needed for now without being overwhelming.

Obviously these are just the bones, but I'm quite impressed so far with the structure and thought put in to it so far.


My two immediate thoughts:

- I set up a new laptop and forgot the NVIDIA drivers, and was greeted with a somewhat generic LoadLibraryExW unwrap() error rather than a more specific error, hopefully some of these errors can be handled better over time.

- The UI is perhaps a little too high-contrast, it's very difficult to differentiate between different parts of the interface, I hope this can be tweaked a little as well to help with navigating across the interface.

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