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WO v5 Keys and Auto-launch

Keith Rocheck

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Hello All,


We have built two new computers to run multi-screen WO 5 shows. Our intention is to install the USB keys internally to the case for both security and simplicity. However, I have been noticing issues when setting WO Display to automatically launch on boot. There's a 50/50 chance Display will launch before CodeMeter is ready and therefore gives a 'No License Key Found' error. This requires Display to be exited and re-launched. An odd issue that occasionally happens as a by-product of this sequence misfiring is that CodeMeter will not recognize the license at all and the USB key must be pulled hot and plugged back in to get the license up. In this case the USB drive presents normally to the OS, it is just that the license doesn't present itself.


Has anyone else seen this issue or knows how to get more reliability in both the sequencing and stability of the license key?




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