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Architectural projection suggestions


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Hello everyone,

We are bidding on an project where we are projecting large scale on a historic building with varied architectural details/projections. I am looking for advice on how to break up the" canvas" to accomodate the best coverage and detail required. Is it better to simply break the projections into blocks and try to mask details in post...or is it wiser to try to alter the screen geometry in Watchout but break the projection into smaller pieces ( thus more projectors/displays)?


There are beautiful examples of similar types of this work on this forum....I just wanted an experienced POV. We have done multiple installations with Watchout and are currently finishing a 360 degree permanent install so we do have some experience with the product.


Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thank you.

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My feeling is that a projection such as yours, it is best to mask projection to contours in the architecture itself. Depending on the scale and number of projectors a small overlap may be require, but I would turn off the edge blend (ctrl-K) in WATCHOUT and use masks to follow pre-selected architectural contours (these can quickly be adjusted onsite using WATCHOUT). I'm not so sure Geometry control would help in the pre-production phase...possibly on site (any other toughts on this, anyone?). Of course detailed measurements  and projection POV shots of the building will be necessary to get you there. 


BTY...I looking for some information from 360 projection projects using WATCHOUT. I would like to talk to you about your 360 experience...contact me if you are interested. 

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