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WATCHOUT: Passion Fruit versus Fine Whine

Guest mwatzl

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I’m going to pose a question, that might deviate from what are generally important  technical questions  regarding WATCHOUT…and hopefully this thread doesn’t come off like (pardon the expression)   “a Turd in the Punchbowl”


I have been using WATCHOUT for quite some time and as with many of you I was blown away when I first saw it.  The color saturation, the movement, it just lit up my mind.  I’m one of those who came from the old multi-image slide days…enough-said. Of course, I felt as though a great tool…a palette if you will, was given to me with a few technical guidelines… all of which I was confident would get better over  time.

Yes, the technical issues are ongoing and sometimes complex. I read them...” I’ve got EDID issues”, “What DVI extender do you suggest”, “I just misplaced my baby bottle and I want my mommy (this is strictly a joke and is pointed at no one)  and of course I have answers and suggestions for some, but usually someone with a faster propeller on their head has it right.


So, why this post?


Take a minute and get your head out of your ……manuals.  And tell us what got you here?... what do you love about projection/multi display design?…when did you first become passionate for this form of art?



While you do that…I’m going to find my baby bottle.

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